11 Steps to Puppy Proofing Your Home

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Puppy Proofing Your Home

Puppy Proofing Your Home

Puppies are so much fun but make sure you are puppy proofing your home. They love to play for hours and have a marvelous amount of curiosity and energy. This, coupled with their never-ending chewing power can lead them into dangerous situations in the home. BEFORE you bring your new puppy home review these 11 quick items to make sure your puppy is safe. In many ways puppy proofing your home is no different than baby proofing.  Puppies explore with their nose, teeth, paws and mouth. Anything that moves will attract your puppy and they don’t know a hazardous item from a play toy. We need to keep them safe!
  1. Keep all medications including dog supplements in a safe area and out of reach of counter surfers. Suggestion? Consider child proof latches if your puppy paws them open.
  2. Toilet paper is a very popular “toy” and some puppies are partial to the toilet water. This is a horrible situation, especially if you use any type of chemicals to clean the bowl. Suggestion? Keep the bathroom door closed and always keep the toilet lid closed.
  3. Be aware of any cabinet that contains housecleaning supplies that can be poisonous if swallowed. Suggestion? Remove dangerous items from lower cabinets and/or use childproof latches.
  4. Electrical cords are an enormous temptation for puppies. They see them and immediately want to chew. This can cause burns inside the mouth, electrical shock or even electrocution. Puppy proofing your home!  Suggestion? Keep the cords out of reach of your puppy and remove electrical items if necessary.
  5. Curtains are interesting items to puppies. Ever see a puppy play tug-of-war with one? How about window cords? Some puppies have actually strangled on these cords. Suggestion? Tie the cords up out of reach. Raise the curtains off the floor until this stage passes.
  6. Puppies love to tear and rip the paper and for this reason, trash cans are an incredible temptation. We throw away trash for a reason and it’s not because it’s safe for a pup, be sure and make sure you go through the steps to puppy-proofing your home.  Suggestion? Keep the trash cans in a closed cabinet or set them on a countertop to keep them out of reach.
  7. Cat owner? Litter box? Puppies like to snack on poop! Suggestion? Keep the litter box out of reach; find a place that your cat can reach but not your pup.  Puppy Proofing Your Home
  8. Houseplants are a wonderful addition to your decor but some are poisonous if chewed or swallowed.  Even if your plants are non-toxic, it can be a colossal chewing temptation to your puppy. Suggestion? Remove poisonous and nontoxic plants from your pets reach.
  9. Love your reading glasses? How about your magazine or newspaper? Again, puppies are extremely curious and love to chew and shred paper. Suggestion? Store your items out of reach you will be glad you did.Puppy Proof Your House
  10. Watch out for those stairs! What a temptation to run up and down endlessly. Suggestion? Close off stairwells with a baby gate. Not only does it keep the puppy safe on the stairs, it removes a ton of temptation in other areas of the house. I still gate my stairs to keep my lovely senior dog safe for these same reasons.
  11. Fires are dangerous to everyone. Never leave your puppy unattended in a room with an open flame or a space heater. Suggestion? Screen off fireplaces and wood stoves. 

Puppies are so much fun, but can also be a lot of upfront work. It's vitally important to puppy proof your home way before you actually bring your pup home. Plan ahead and follow these basic steps and you will be on your way to a wonderful fun puppy hood with your pup!

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  • Your welcome Cathy. Thank you for your kind comments

    Maureen Lake on
  • These are really great tips for keeping a puppy safe. We don’t even think of so many of them! Thanks for this list. Sharing.

    Cathy Armato on
  • What a great skill to teach your dog! I love it! My daughter’s dog knows how open the back door, but not shut it. It would be really nice if he could shut it too. Dog’s are so funny. No wonder we love them so much!

    Maureen Lake on
  • Love these tips. So important to protect puppies. Kilo is now 3 but he still enjoys some of the chewing activities listed. He can not resist the recycling bin, the curtain on the window between him and the postman, toilet paper and tissues, socks, paper, cords etc. I taught him to close the cupboard doors but not to open them XS

    Talent Hounds on

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