Fit and Fabulous! Hills ® Science Diet® 10 Week Turnaround #Perfect Weight

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There are so many amazing changes happening with Keira because of her weight loss journey. She is happy, active and beautiful. Just in case you have missed the previous posts about Keira  check them out here. As before, I will let Keira speak for herself…


10 Week Turnaround #Perfect Weight

I was so busy these last few weeks, but because I feel better and I’m more active I can keep up with my moms pace. We’ve traveled, hiked, and explored new parts of Colorado. I’m not sure I could of done that before I started my lifestyle change.

Did you know that 70% of cats and dogs who used Science Diet Perfect Weight, lost weight within 10 weeks?

I’m one of the 70%!



Hills Science Diet 10 Week Turnaround #Perfect Weight

I love the fact that I’m going on more walks; in fact, I walk every day now and loving every step! I twirl around in circles when I see my leash because I get so excited. My mom now calls me, “Twirly Girl”!

I don’t even like going in the back yard anymore. I want to go explore life and smell the smells! Yesterday I saw flowers in trees and bunnies running when they saw me! I didn’t even know I had that kind of power! Check out this cool tool for Adding Exercise to your routine


Trendy Pet Feeder

Trendy Pet Elevated Feeder 

I eat at the same time everyday, and I like this schedule. I notice my mom keeps a calendar record of my daily activities. This keeps her honest. You can find the exact same Turnaround Calendar here.


10 Week Turnaround Calendar


I can tell time too! I know exactly when it’s time to eat and poop. I even know when to wake my dad up in the morning. I guess I’m like an alarm clock now. Everything is consistent and fun and I like this newfound ability of mine!! 


10 Week Turnaround Program

I feel so wonderful. Daily I go for a car ride and I jump in the car without any worries. That wasn’t the case just a few short weeks ago. I struggled to get in the car and truthfully, it was embarrassing when my mom helped me up. I mean I’m a dog and I should be able to jump in the car without any problem. Thankfully, that’s not the case any more! I can fly!

My eyes are brighter, my coat is shinier, and I now have a waistline. I’ve been told that a few times now so it must be true. I feel healthier and have more confidence about myself.

Life is good! And best of all I LOVE my food!


You should give it a try with your dog.

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