5 Major Snafu You Don't Want To Do With Your Dog

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5 Major Snafu You Don't Want To Do With Your Dog

5 Major Snafu You Dont Want To Do With Your Dog

Please Don't Make These 5 Major Snafu

We love our dogs, and we don't need any major snafu along the way. If we're lucky, we will have our dogs for a very long time. Even so probably not long enough. Our dogs are part of our family, our children. We love, care, feed and play with them daily. They become our friend, our companion, often our lifeline. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, the match isn't made in heaven. Maybe the pup requires more care than you first anticipated. Maybe, you didn't realize the un-relentless energy a puppy takes to raise. Maybe, the pooch isn't a good fit for your family, and you just don't know why. Someone asked me just the other day, "How do I know if my dog is unhappy?"  Trust me, I don't have formal animal behavior training, but years of teaching special education have given me some insight into the matter of conduct, and this can apply to anyone or anything. Often it may be a feeling you get, but most likely your dog is demonstrating behavior that is telling you explicitly that they are miserable! Apparently, first and foremost your vet should see your pet to rule out any medical reasons why your dog is showing this behavior.

Don't want to wait? Read the entire book now or save for later.

Read the entire series 5 Snafu

Signs You Have An Unhappy Dog.

Does your dog
  • Tear things up?
  • Bark non-stop?
  • Not listen to you?
  • Run away?
  • Act aggressively toward others?
  • Exhibit obsessive- compulsive disorders?
The purpose of this 5 part series is to help you in case you have a dog that just isn't working out for you. Certainly, this is not "training" your dog, it's about sharing some guiding principles in pet ownership. Dog's have strong feelings. They feel happy, sad, pain, grief, anger. Dog's can reason, think, share and make decisions. Our dogs are just like our children and are affected by us and our attitudes and beliefs. The more educated and informed you are about raising a pet, the happier you and your pet will be.

The Major Snafu I'll Cover Include

  1. I Made A Horrible Mistake And Got The Wrong Dog For My Lifestyle!
  2. Teach Your Dog How To Behave. Do You Think They Learn By Osmosis?
  3. Your Environment: Healthy or Toxic?
  4. “Hey I’m Taking To You- Something’s Wrong" Love, Your Dog
  5. Six Secrets to a Socialized Dog

This 5 Part Series Will Begin Monday

Even if you don't think your dog is unhappy, the information I'll be sharing is still useful for all pet owners. But, if you do know someone who is struggling with their dog, please share this info with them. The last thing we want is for someone to rehome their pet when it's not necessary. Remember, the more information about raising your pet you have, the happier you and your pet will be. You have a lot of years to spend together. Let's make them joyful!

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  • Interesting idea for a series! Very cool!

    Jenna "HuskyCrazed" Drady on
  • Wow! He is lucky he finally found you! I’m so happy he is improving and that you’ve been able to put in the work. I’m sure it’s been really hard. Kudo’s to you!!!!

    Maureen Lake on
  • Kilo the Pug went through 4 homes before us and he has a few issues- early owners did not understand his breed or the fact that he was a puppy. We very nearly could not keep him but he is gradually improving with a lot of work. Lucky he is cute and loving to me.

    Talent Hounds on
  • Good info! I’m sure this will be an awesome series…I will set have to share!

    Kia on
  • As a regular volunteer and foster care provider for local shelters, I see lots of dogs abandoned, or surrendered, and many have no manners. Until I got my two corgis, as puppies, and was encouraged to get them into training classes (which I did), I did not understand how important it is to train a dog early and often. Dogs need to know that their people are in control, so they aren’t frantic and out of control. And yes, it is so important to do breed research (even if the dog one wants to being home is a mixed breed in the shelter). Even a border collie mix (for example) is a poor choice for a sedate family/person in a city apartment. Education is key!

    Elizabeth Keene on

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