5 Reasons I Love Bison Jerky From Only Natural Pet #PawNatural

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Only Natural Pet Made in the USA

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5 Reasons Why I Love Bison Jerky From Only Natural Pet #PawNatural

I always keep an eye out for Made in the USA products and especially single source protein treats for Rosa. Having a dog with protein allergies, I’m very aware of what she can and can’t eat. Needless to say, I’m very careful with her tummy because of her numerous sensitivities and allergies. Imagine my surprise when I found Only Natural Pet ® Bison Jerky Treats. Perfect munchies for my Rosa Doodle! She loves bison jerky. 5 Reasons Why I Love Bison Jerky From Only Natural Pet #PawNatural

5 Reasons Why I Love Only Natural Pet - Bison Jerky

  1. One single source protein for dogs with food allergies and sensitive tummies
  2. Bison is grass fed, and raised without any added antibiotics or hormones
  3. Savory real meat and chewy consistency made in small batches
  4. Grain-free with no added flavors, colors or preservatives
  5. Made in the USA!

5 Reasons Why I Love Bison Jerky From Only Natural Pet #pawnatural

And if that isn’t enough to make you drool, imagine my happiness when I realized Only Natural Pet (ONP) is located practically in my backyard in Boulder, Colorado! ONP was founded in 2004 and currently is the leading online retailer in the natural pet supply market with over 3,900 products, 500 of which are their own. Whether you are looking for food, vitamins, supplements, flea protections or Holistic Vet options ONP is the place to be. Honestly, the ability to shop in one location that offers natural, organic, and eco-friendly pet products is like a triple chocolate chip sundae with syrup on top. Check out the online store where thousands of products are available to purchase, and don't forget the bison treats!

Why ONP Is A Company To Be Proud Of

  • ONP mission is to make healthy choices simple for you and your pet.
  • ONP is a preeminent natural, sustainable pet brand.
  • ONP is committed to finding the most effective natural pet products for every stage of your pet’s life.
  • ONP features clean ingredients that are human grade and natural.
  • ONP is a vet-formulated pet line made of only the ingredients that meet their rigorous standards. Read here for a list of all the unacceptable ingredients that doesn’t meet ONP standards. It’s a pretty big list!
It's easy to understand why I'm smitten with this amazing company. I've found a great go-to source for Rosa and her allergy needs not to mention thousands of other products to explore and buy. What are some of your favorite Natural Pet Products and why? We are a huge fan of bison treats! I'd love to hear your comments below. What are some of your favorite Natural Pet Products? I'd love to hear your comments below.                     This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Only Natural Pet and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer NetworkTM. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • It’s comforting as a pet parent to find a company and treat that works for you and your pet.

    Kelly on
  • I am testing Bison treats on Layla at the moment – she loves them

    Ruth and Layla on
  • The humans over here love Bison and so do the Lapdogs. We’ll have to check these out!

    nichole on
  • My girls can’t wait to try all the Only Natural Pet products! they have been sniffing at the box!

    Tori on
  • Oh – this looks like a winner and we will order!! We love single protein source treats – and it looks like this is grass fed free range, super important! Thanks for sharing this with me!

    MattieDog on

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