7 Things Your Doodle Wants You To Know

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7 Things Your Doodle Wants You To Know

7 Things Your Doodle Wants You To Know

If you’re a doodle owner, chances are you’re in love. But, did you realize there are certain things all doodle dogs want their owners to know? It’s easy to understand why you selected this adorable, fun dog to join your family. Why are doodles so popular and loved? Could it be because they were originally bred to be an allergy free service dog? Maybe it’s because they rarely if ever shed? It must be because they are so dang lovable and affectionate. What about the fact they are always happy and smiling? The list could virtually go on and on but wait- there are some things doodles want you to know about them, especially if you’re in the market to owning one.

7 Things Your Doodle Wants You To Know

Doodles Want You To Know A Few Things About Doodles.

One: I Have A Magnificent Spirit

We doodles are extremely intelligent, levelheaded, affectionate, social, and cheerful. We should be warm but not pushy, smart but not overly independent and self-assured but not belligerent. Our combination of positive traits makes us perfect for service and therapy work not to mention an outstanding family member. Warning: Our excessive friendliness does not make us good guard dogs or watch dogs.

7 Things Your Doodle Wants You To Know

Two: I Get Cabin Fever, And I Need A Lot Of Exercise

Oh, we are an energetic bunch. Did I mention we love water? And swimming? But mostly we love to go on walks, long walks with our family and friends. Warning: We tend to get lonely. If we lead an inactive life or left alone for too long, we get frustrated. When we’re bored or ignored, we get unhappy. We crave attention. A miserable doodle makes for a destructive and anxious doodle. Did I mention we bark when we’re mad?

7 Things Your Doodle Wants You To Know

Three: We Are Extraordinarily Trainable

We are brilliant! Some say it’s the Poodle in us, but that’s a controversial topic among doodles. Yes, we are a breeze to train, and some make a perfect service or therapy dog. We love to be physically and mentally challenged! Chase? Please. Hide-and-seek? Pretty please!! Fetch? Now!!! We also enjoy a good game of Frisbee, obedience training, and agility.

Four: We Have Tons Of Behavioral Traits

Did I mention yet that we are smart, affectionate, loyal, patient and friendly? I should warn you that we love to lie on furniture and crawl into your lap. One of our favorite past times is sitting on your feet. If you don’t like this affectionate behavior, you will need to train us not to do this- but I think it’s in our DNA… 7 Things Your Doodle Wants You To Know

Five: I Don’t Mean To Sound Vain, But My Appearance Is Important To Me!

We are fluffy dogs that have super soft coats that rarely shed. Even though our curls are easy to manage, we do mat and need brushing often. We have long, furry ears and curls that often mask our very mischievous eyes. Some people have categorized our coats into two types (Fleece & Wool), and we come in many different colors from Black to Chalk to Parchment.

Six: Ouch! Mats Hurt Us And We Need Proper Grooming

I’m not sure why but there’s something about our dense coat that mats easily. Way too easily and mats hurt us. That’s why we might need grooming every 8 -12 weeks depending on our lifestyle. Please brush us as puppies, so we get used to the feeling and process of being groomed. It helps us out a lot. Since we're essentially odor-free, we don’t need baths between grooming because we don’t want our coat stripped of our natural oils.

Seven: We’re Healthy, But We Do Have Some Health Concerns

We’re a new “breed” so it’s going to take some time to get a good picture of our historical health but it’s smart to look at our ancestors to get a snapshot. Labradors and Golden’s may have some health problems with hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye disorders and cancer. Poodles are susceptible to hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, skin problems, renal disorders and von Willebrand disease. Finally, because of our floppy furry ears, we have more ear infections than most breeds. It's certainly easy to see why Doodles are so popular and fun. They are a loving, loyal, happy and very smart dog. If you think these traits meld with yours and your family, then you'll have a perfect match. Do you have a Doodle? Are you happy with your choice? I'd love to hear your comments below.

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