Advice For Puppy Owners

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Advice For Puppy Owners

Honestly, some sage advice for puppy owners is fairly simple. Everyone deserves a happy, adjusted dog. Truth be told, it just doesn’t happen by itself. A lot of work goes into socializing your puppy, and for good reason. Is there anything worse than an obnoxious or aggressive dog yapping non-stop, or running wildly out of control? It kind of reminds me of the last restaurant I was at, but it was kids acting out, not dogs.


Why is socialization of your pup so important anyway? This one aspect of development sets the stage for later growth. Up until 20 weeks of age (5 months), this is the most important developmental period in your dog's life. Exposure is key. Make sure your puppy is around as many things as possible, including people, children, other pets, and noises such as vacuum cleaners and washing machines. Advice for puppy owners This may sound as simple advice for puppy owners but it's important advice just the same. Handle your puppy a lot and don't be afraid to allow others to gently handle her as well. Try to make experiences happy and don't forget to reward her for a job well done! One key component that will help your puppy learn new behaviors is to have on hand some of her favorite treats and positively reward her for calm and confident behavior. Don’t be in any rush to conquer her fears; remember small baby steps are huge accomplishments for a puppy. Advice To Puppy Owners  Finally, exposure to children is very important too, and will set the stage for a lifetime filled with love and kisses. Remember that until your puppy is fully vaccinated, it's important that she only socializes with other dogs that are fully vaccinated too. This advice for puppy owners is very important to remember. Please try to avoid taking your puppy to community areas such as dog parks or other areas where dogs are allowed to roam. You can never be too careful with a puppy and you never know if other dogs have been fully vaccinated. IMG_1859Puppies are wonderful and fun. They bring a basket full of happiness to your family, but they take a lot of work and time.

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  • Socialization is so important, great information. I know people can feel so overwhelmed when they hear that your dog should meet “100 people & 100 dogs” but doing so is setting them up for future success.

    Jen Gabbard on
  • Good advice. Love the photos too!

    Carleen on
  • Wonderful article. It’s also important not to remove puppies from the litter before eight weeks of age so that they may learn bite inhibition from litter mates.

    Josh Pitts AKA Dog Guy Josh on
  • Socialization is key, as is keeping your puppy healthy during this vulnerable period. Thanks for mentioning the dog park as inappropriate. But they can hand carry them into shops, keeping them off the floor but still getting exposed to many different sounds and smells. on
  • So true Josh- I suspect Kilo was removed a little early. He had no idea how to play respectfully but has been learning.

    Talent Hounds on

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