Are You Enough Of A Companion For Your Dog?

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Are You Enough Of A Companion For Your Dog?

Companion: noun A person who is frequently in the company of, associates with, or accompanies another  

Are You Enough Of A Companion For Your Dog?

Are You Your Dog's Companion?

You've heard it before.  A murder of crows, a smack of jellyfish,  a shrewdness of apes and dogs run in packs. Wouldn't it be awesome if dogs could text us throughout the day? If they had thumbs I know they would in a heartbeat. Or, would I be the one texting my dog? Dog's are not solitary animals, the saying "lone wolf" doesn't apply to dogs. Humans are not solitary animals either. We need each other. What a perfect scenario, for most dogs... Dogs need our companionship maybe more than we need there's. Is there a worse punishment than tieing your dog up outside, by themselves, all day long? Or sitting behind a fence with or without a view? Or laying in a kennel? Yes, there are worse punishments but as a lifestyle choice for an average dog, this is abuse.   Dog's have huge hearts and unlimited affection. [Tweet "Dog's are the pepperoni on the pizza, the chocolate sauce on the ice cream sundae, the olive in our martini."] Are you -  your dog's companion or is your dog your companion? I'd love to hear your thoughts!    

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  • Important things to think about when considering getting a pet dog. :)

    JEN Garrett on

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