Bah Humbug- I'm Scrudge When It Comes to Halloween

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Bah Humbug- I'm Scrudge When It Comes to Halloween

Bah Humbug- I'm Scrooge When It Comes To Halloween!

I will admit I saw this great post from our Friends at Dog Milk.

In fact, you should read the blog- it's adorable, all these petite little dogs in petite little costumes. They look endearing enough- a couple of the pooches even have smiles on their faces.

Bah Humbug I'm a Scrudge When It Comes To HalloweenI'm going out on a limb here and just want to say...

"I have an undeniable problem with Halloween costumes for dogs and cats."

Halloween just isn't my cup of cider. I can't handle the excitement and consequently either can my dogs! Yes, I hear you... You probably want to fly off this blog post quicker than a witch hunter seeking vengeance . How can anyone even say that about pets and Halloween? I've heard every complaint and criticism under the dark, spooky moon and back, including but certainly not limited to these: "But, they look so adorable!" "You're a major tedious, Fuddy Duddy!" "Get over yourself and relax about it!"

Bah Humbug- I'm Scrudge When It Comes to Halloween

Now, don't get me wrong, I heart a pup in a cute scarf --- I even have a sweet ribbon collar I put on my girls for the big day. There's just something about dressing a pet up in a large scale, all encompassing, incredibly uncomfortable outfit that really disturbs me. Do you honestly think your dog enjoys being dressed up and confined in an outfit that pinches and pulls on parts not intended to be pinched and pulled? Like I mentioned above; I need to get over it. Get a life.  To each his own. Retail stores are making a killing. So I know it's good for the economy. In fact, $330 MILLION dollars were spent on costumes for pets last year. Yes, I said million. It's only one day night. Whatever... The taco costume is kinda cute, but I prefer Aidan in his handsome necklace! I'm sure I have a minority viewpoint on the topic of Halloween costumes and pets. What do you think? Do you dress your pet up for Halloween? I would love to hear a "yes" or "no" in the comments below. I'm sure I'm not the only: Bah Humbug- I'm Scruge When It Comes to Halloween    

Bah Humbug- I'm Scrudge When It Comes to Halloween

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  • We wear stuff for photos all the time, mostly head gear stuff. Not big on costumes here either.

    Emma on
  • Kilo has lots of costumes but they are all light and easy to get on and off and he wears them to pose for a photo for a treat. He looks so cute for 5 minutes, but then I take them off again. The only ones he wears for longer are harnesses, bowties or small bandanas. Although he has 2 parties this weekend for rescues so we may see if we can find anything comfortable enough to stay on a little longer. Some small dogs don’t seem to mind cute jackets and dresses at all- especially poms and chis.

    Talent Hounds on
  • Hi, my name is Kimberly, and big dogs in clothing make me cringe.

    Not all the time. I’ve seen dogs with bandanas around their necks, or SeaHawks inspired tutus and it’s cute. But there is a woman on FB that I finally unfriended, because of the deluge of images of her Golden wearing dresses and hats. I’m sure she and the dog were having fun, but it drove me nuts.

    Small dogs in cute outfits make me smile. I’m not a fan of big does in full outfits.

    Kimberly Gauthier on
  • I actually just wrote a post about this – when I brought out her costume today, Matilda was all wags! I always tell her “Oh, you’re going to look SOO pretty in this!” when I show her an outfit, so she always gets excited to dress up.

    The headpiece that came with it is terrible, though, very few hats belong on a dog’s head. They really don’t design these costumes with a dog’s comfort in mind.

    Lindsay, Matilda on
  • I love scarfs, bow ties, bandanas and necklaces for my dogs too. My dogs really do not like anything more than that. I bought Rosa a jacket to wear last winter when it was really cold and she was still underweight. She refused to even walk when it was on her! Her anxiety went through the roof! I know it’s a huge business and the pet industry makes most of its money in fashion, but I just have a personal bug-a-boo about dressing pets up as children.

    Maureen Lake on

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