Five Easy Ways To Keep Your Senior Dog Cool In Hot Weather

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Keep senior dog cool 


Senior dogs need extra special care in hot summer months. And if your best friend has an undercoat – look out- they get unusually hot. But, either way, heat takes a major toll on our friends, and it’s important to be aware of some tips and strategies that can help with the heat.


A Kiddie Pool


Does your dog like water? Offering a kiddie pool or a sprinkler to cool your dog off is a beautiful and fun way to spend a hot summer day. Don’t forget to place the pool (with clean, fresh water) in the shade otherwise your senior will get too hot even though they are in the water.


Frozen Treats


Oh, how refreshing popsicles are for both you and your dog! And, don’t forget about the frozen yogurt. Both are so easy to make – and DIY isn’t your thing, you can quickly buy them at your favorite boutique or box store.


Keep senior dogs cool

Pet Cooling Mats & Vests


Yes, both are available for our loved one, and both are refreshing and delightful for our pets. Some mats are so fantastic because they're pressure activated when the pet lays down. How cool is that?! Both fold up small and are easy to travel with. A must for our summertime heat.


A Good Hair Cut


Don’t forget the power of a nice shortcut (if you have the type of breed that gets cut). If you have a dog with an undercoat, summer grooming and raking of fur will keep your dog cooler when the heat strikes. Also, request that your senior’s tummy gets shaved, this will help with the heat.


Keep senior dogs cool


Walk Early Morning and Evening


It’s essential to walk when it’s cooler and try to keep walks a bit shorter especially in the intense heat and humidity. Also, check the concrete or asphalt if you are out in the heat of the day. Our pup’s pads can get burnt easily and ouch it hurts!


Our seniors need special care all year long, but heat and humidity are especially hard on our friends. But, following any of these tips and strategies will help keep your dog cool during these dog days of summer.


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