Flower Puppy Names

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Flower Puppy Names

Flower Puppy Names

If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I'd be picking roses for a lifetime.     -- Swedish Proverb But what about other annual, perennial and biennial flower puppy names? Flower names are perfect for parents looking to pick a beautiful and timeless name for a girl puppy. Start with this bunch of flower names that are sure to never go out of style.  
  • Magnolia ~ Origin: French    Meaning: Flower name
  • Rose ~ Origin: English    Meaning: Rose
  • Dahlia ~ Origin: Latin    Meaning: Flower named for botanist A. Dahl
  • Marigold ~ Origin: English    Meaning: Yellow Flower
  • Lilly ~ Origin: English    Meaning: Lily Flower
  • Daisy ~ Origin: American   Meaning: Daisy Flower
  • Iris ~  Origin: Greek       Meaning: Colorful/Rainbow
  • Lilac ~  Origin: Latin     Meaning: Bluish/Purple
  • Amaryllis ~ Origin: Greek      Meaning: Sparkling
Which ones did we miss? We'd love to hear in the comments below. I named my Doodle Rosa in memory of my mother whose favorite flower was a Rose...

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  • Thank you! Rosa certainly has a meaningful name and lots of nicknames to go with it!

    Maureen Lake on
  • Oh, this is such a lovely idea. And I was so touched about you naming your puppy Rosa in memory of your mama. I loved finding out about the origin and meaning of the names too.

    Jul's Arthur on
  • Cute idea. I kinda like Magnolia!

    Kristin C on
  • Nice names and I like how you mention the origin as well.

    Joanna on
  • I love Dahlia and Lilac. They’re all such pretty names, even for kids. Haha. :)

    Autumn on

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