Full Moon Dog Treats Make Chicken Yummy!

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Full Moon Dog TreatsFull Moon Dog Treats Make Chicken Yummy!My little Rosa has a TON of allergies, so when I look for treats, I am very careful in what I select for her tiny tummy. There are so many options available today that the selection can be overwhelming. I'm always on the look out for a healthy chicken treat.

Full Moon Dog Treats Make Chicken Yummy!

I am very picky with Rosa but, in fact, I’m picky with both my dogs. I have some stringent criteria I follow, and I’m so happy that Full Moon Chicken Jerky Treats meet every single condition!

When selecting a treat for my dog's I use  a five-part approval process:

1)   Must be made in the USA 2)   Ingredients: 100% Human Grade (even I would eat it) 3)   Easy on the tummy which means free of artificial ingredients and preservatives 4)   No corn, wheat or soy 5)   No animal meal or flavor enhancers I respect the fact that the chicken used is raised cage-free on family farms. These farms feed all their poultry a diet free of hormones and steroids. In fact, the farms are USDA inspected and approved. Some may think this is overkill, but I don’t. As a pet owner with a highly allergic dogs who tends to vomit food immediately, this criteria is so important to me. We will forever be buying Full Moon Dog Treats from here on out and are so happy and grateful we received a full-size bag in out Bark World Swag Bag. Thank you, Full Moon [video width="720" height="1280" m4v="http://www.rosadoodle.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/IMG_1621.m4v"][/video] Other than receiving a treat bag at Bark World to try I am not being compensated for this blog post. I'm just so happy to have an alternative treat for my little Rosa Doodle!

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  • Thanks, Beth, I’m super careful too, especially since Rosa has so many allergies. These have been working out really well with her sensitive tummy. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to buy another treat from outside of the US or Canada either!

    Maureen Lake on
  • Sounds like a great treat! I try to be very careful with my dogs in terms of food, treats and toys and always try to buy ones that are made in the USA or Canada.

    Beth | Daily Dog Tag on

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