Health Benefits Of Cat Neutering And How It Controls Population Growth

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Most pet owners opt to castrate or neuter their cats. However, a few of them know the beneficial nature of neutering their male cats. Additionally, some pet owners are conservative when it comes to the actual surgical procedure to be performed. Are you a pet owner who’s confused by terms such as ‘’neutering’’, ‘’spaying’’ and ‘’castration’’?

Technically, neutering is the de-sexing of a male or female animal. However, it’s more common in male animals. Castration, on the other hand, is the destruction or removal of an animal’s gonads. Most commonly, it’s used to describe the removal of male testicles. In medical terms, it’s also known as ‘’orchiectomy.’’ Spaying, which also refers to ovariohysterectomy, is the surgical removal of the female ovaries and uterus.

Health Benefits Of Cat Neutering And How It Controls Population Growth

Neutering Myths

One of the myths that neutering has made people believe is that cats become lazy and fat. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but it can be controlled when cats receive a proper diet. As pet owners, you should be able to provide enough amount of sustenance for your furry companions to manage their weight well.

The surgery also doesn’t change the personality of your cat. Did you know that neutered cats don’t play or hunt any less compared to the unneutered ones? What they don’t do is spray urine inside the house or wander off in endless searches as they look for females.

Contrary to earlier theories, castration is no longer thought to be a major contributing factor when it comes to the urinary tract issues in male cats like the stubborn FLUTD. The feline urinary tract problems of a male cat seem to be as a result of many factors. These factors remain under the microscope of intense medical research.

Health Benefits Of Cat Neutering And How It Controls Population Growth

Health Benefits of Cat Neutering

An article published on suggests that cat neutering costs $50 to $100 on average. The price isn’t so much, but the procedure provides a number of health benefits not only for the cats but also for the community - an effective way of controlling the cat population.

Reduces Aggression

Male cats are neutered for several reasons. Intact tomcats have a tendency to fight with one another to not only maximize their opportunities with females but also defend their territory. Catfights usually result to bite wounds and serious scratch. Often, it leads to infection and nasty pus-filled abscesses.

According to an extensive research by the University of Copenhagen, neutering is 80-90 percent effective when it comes to reducing aggression as well as preventing fights among different male cats. Cats that are neutered lose their highly strong territorial instincts, which goes miles to mitigating their marking behavior. It also makes them more loving and more disciplined pets.

Health Benefits Of Cat Neutering And How It Controls Population Growth

Prevents Diseases and Accidents

Neutering can prevent androgen-related diseases like prostate cancer, perineal hernias, and perianal adenomas. Aside from that, unneutered cats usually roam vast distances as they search for females to breed. They only return home to eat and/or sleep. Roaming raises the chances of a male cat being hit by a car or fight with other animals. Castration goes a long way in reducing the risk of cat roaming and preventing untoward accidents.


Others Benefits

There are some valid humane and environmental reasons for neutering your cats.

Tomcats, which are allowed to mate without control, will surely contribute to the present and always rising pet overpopulation situation. Unwanted cats normally overburden animal shelters and humane societies. If these facilities no longer have enough space to accommodate more animals, it may result in euthanasia.

Intact cats usually define their territory through spraying their strong-smelling urine on objects like draperies. In addition to being unclean, the odor and urine stains are very difficult to get rid of. Conducting the surgery on your cat halts their spraying behavior.

One of the best attributes of neutering is that it is a fairly simple process. Since there are plenty of ways to go about it, it’s prudent to consult your veterinarian to seek the best method to settle for.

Health Benefits Of Cat Neutering And How It Controls Population Growth

As We Wrap Up...

If you have not heard it before, neutering your cat is certainly one of the things that you can do to improve its health. It is also one of the best ways to make the community more conducive to both humans and animals. While most veterinarians usually prefer to conduct the procedure on cats of 5 months or older, you can rest assured that the surgery is safe and does not pose any danger to the cat’s health.


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