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Today I’m sharing that even though this has been a very sad and tragic year for Trendy Pet, there is still hope on the horizon.


Keira our beloved black Labradoodle succumbed to cancer in late Jan. Saying goodbye to her is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her, talk to her and pray to her for peace and guidance. I know she is by my side every waking moment. I had no idea how hard it would be to say goodbye to my furry soulmate.


Then suddenly a few months later we lost Aidan, our other Labradoodle to cancer in June. Losing two amazing, loving pets in 5 short months has been difficult. Aidan put up a valiant fight. He joyfully went to radiation for weeks even though he felt horrible for days after. He fought long and hard, and the tumor stopped growing in size, and we were so hopeful. But, once Keira passed, the light went out in Aidan too, you could see it in his dark black eyes. They were best friends and the reason why we have Trendy Pet today.


Cancer is a horrible disease as everyone knows. Keira went within days of diagnosis and Aidan was able to fight for nine months. Losing a pet is gut-wrenchingly difficult, some days are hard, some are less hard. It’s crazy to imagine replacing either one…


Last summer, before we knew of Keira or Aidan’s cancer, we stumbled upon a little dog. We had no intention of getting another dog, let alone a puppy. Our lives were full. Why did we need another one when everything is so easy now? 


We named this new little puppy Brooklyn. She is a micro Bernedoodle. Yes, another doodle in the family. She was with us when we lost both dogs and has been an incredible source of support.


Do I wonder why she was brought into our lives? No, not for a moment. There are always bigger plans laid out before us that we aren’t aware of at the time. She has helped us grieve and helped us heal. We are laughing again even through our tears.


Brooklyn, we love you!



 RIP Keria & Aidan We Love You

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