How Dogs Affection Makes You A Better Person

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How Dogs Affection Makes You A Better Person

Affection: Noun Fond attachment, devotion or love

How Dogs Affection Makes You A Better Person

It was something about the way he gazed into my eyes. There was a shadow, a shade not present before. His warm paw on my foot was shaking, quivering ever so tenderly. I knew it was time to say good-bye. He was willing me to take care of it - for him. -His soft sigh. -His raspy cough. -His silken tongue was hanging from his mouth. He tried to hold on as long as he could… but his eyes were silently but proudly telling me it was time. Saying good-bye to your roommate, playmate, comrade, pal, mate, sidekick, best friend, your soul mate. Putting your dog down is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make. Unless -you know it’s time.   [Tweet "The affection gained by living with a pet is understandably worth the agony when it's gone."]   Our hearts grow full with each pet we lose and new pet we friend. We are lucky to have a life so full of affection and love.

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