I Made A Horrible Mistake And Got The Wrong Dog For My Lifestyle!

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I Made A Horrible Mistake And Got The Wrong Dog For My Lifestyle!Oh No! I Got The Wrong Dog.

That sweet oh so soft face, that adorable, furry, bright-eyed face. Love at first sight what else can it be? You shower me with kisses and wiggle your bottom every time I see you! I'm melting...You can't be the wrong dog for me... I think I’m in love. I know I'm in love. Puppies have a way of melting our hearts. It’s like falling in love instantly. And, if you made an emotional decision without doing your homework, you and your dog might just regret it. What you want is a dog that is a good fit for you and your family. If you don’t do your homework about lifestyle options, you may end up frustrated, angry, and with the wrong dog. You’re unhappy, your dog is unhappy. Unfortunately, this is when owners often rehome their dog or worse. Is there anything I could have done to prevent this? Yes. Impulse shopping is a major mistake for most big-ticket items whether it’s a car, a house or a pet. You don’t want a dog just because they're cute, or you think their breed carries a particular connotation. You wouldn’t marry someone without doing your homework. It's the same for a pet. Do your due diligence!

I Made A Horrible Mistake And Got The Wrong Dog For My Lifestyle!

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Things To Do To Avoid Getting The Wrong Dog.

  • Homework. Talk to people who have the breed you want, research, join a Facebook group and hear what honest owners are sharing. Whatever type of research you are most comfortable with is what you need to do to learn about your potential family member.
  • Figure out what lifestyle you live. Are you and your family super active or more of a stay at home body family? Do you travel a lot? Who will take care of your dog when you’re away from home? Do you realize the expense involved in pet boarding, shots, long-term care? Understand the need to spay and neutering.
  • Find out how much training this type of dog needs. How much time are you willing to devote to your new family member?
  • Understand that mixed breeds and older adopted dogs have their makeup of ‘breed’s that contributes to their unique challenges and personality. Even new designer breeds like the “Doodles” have characteristics that don’t fit every family.

Have You Considered Your Needs?

I Made A Horrible Mistake And Got The Wrong Dog For My Lifestyle!

It's of vital importance that you match your interests and needs to your dog’s interest and needs! Now that you have a resume of the type of dog that would fit with your lifestyle it would be perfect to spend some time with the dog before you bring it home. If you’re considering a puppy the breeder should allow you to visit the pup weekly to bond and get to know her. If you are seeking out adoption, try to foster first. Please don’t buy your dog or puppy from a breeder, pet store or puppy mill! Always do your due diligence and check out the facility, reputation and Yelp comments first before you consider buying. Puppies who come from mills and some breeders are often sick, not socialized and haven’t bonded with their mother. Buyer Beware Go to stop puppy mills to learn more. I know... you’re thinking this info is all well and good, but I already have the dog, and neither one of us is happy with the other... There are some things you can try to help your relationship along. Don’t give up just yet. Help is on the way. Tomorrow I will address the fact that your dog doesn’t learn by osmosis. You will have to teach him some appropriate behavior. It’s your job as a dog owner. I Made A Horrible Mistake And Got The Wrong Dog For My Lifestyle! is part one in a five part series. Tomorrow I will discuss training your dog because come on, your dog won't learn by osmosis! Interested in all five topics? Check out the introduction here

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  • Great post! I bet a lot of people make this mistake! :) I want a dog, but I don’t have a dog friendly lifestyle right now.

    Charlene @ Sporadic Obsessions on
  • It’s wonderful that you realize your lifestyle isn’t the correct one for dog ownership. Kudos to you! You’re right, so many people make this mistake. Thanks for sharing.

    Maureen Lake on

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