Minties® And Skin Coat Review and Giveaway!

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Minties® And Skin Coat Review and Giveaway!



If you’re like me, our pets are more a part of our family than ever before. We buy them gifts, take them with us on vacation, and often spoiled them with luxurious items. It only makes sense that we look after their health care with the same vigilance we do our own. I’m so glad I received the opportunity to review Minties® and SkinCoat by VetIQ® because my search is over for two important additions to Keira’s diet.

Keira, my senior dog, is starting to show some signs of aging. I hate it; it’s hard to watch and be logical about the process. The changes are subtle but noticeable. She’s sleeping a bit more, doesn’t walk quite as far before tuckering out, and her ferocious appetite is waning. Having a senior pet, I’m aware of feeding a balanced diet and maintaining her cognitive stimulation and physical exercise.

I scoured the stores looking for natural products with the intent to improve her health and well-being. Two such products are SkinCoat & Minties® made by VetIQ®. Recently I put them through the “Keira” test, and this is what I discovered…


The Details


VetIQ® products, made in the USA, which is an important requirement that I look for when buying any product for my pets. Vet IQ® develops their products in a state-of-the-art research facility and is committed to the highest standard of product quality and safety. It's reassuring to know that quality medication and supplements are developed at an affordable price AND offered in amounts based on your pet’s weight. Kind of cool because the supplements, I mean treats, are pre-measured for you!

Minties® And SkinCoat Review and Giveaway!


As an owner of a senior dog, it’s great to see all natural products on the market. Minties® are free of many ingredients that may be a concern for you and your dog. I’m also guilty of neglecting Keira’s dental health. I’m not one to brush her teeth after each meal; in fact, I don’t even own a doggy toothbrush! Did I just say that out loud? I do rely on products to do this task for me. I guess you can understand my excitement to try this product. Minties ® are free of:
  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Artificial flavors
  • Animal by-products
Minties® are vet recommended, triple action formula that helps clean teeth, control tartar and plaque, and promotes fresh breath. The minute you open up the bag, you smell a pleasant bouquet of minty yet peppermint scent. Each treat contains five natural ingredients that work magically in your dog’s mouth and stomach to reduce odor and promote fresh breath: Minties® And Skin Coat Review and Giveaway! Independent taste test by Keira found that she loves Minties® and would wait patiently by the counter until she received one after each dinner meal. I found that her breath smells fresh and clean!

Minties® And SkinCoat Review and Giveaway!


When I brush Keira, I notice dullness to her fur, a lack of sheen she once had to her velvety black coat. Oh no. Is it her diet? The aging process? I was excited to try the Skin Coat treat to see if I notice any difference with her fur.

Realistically, it will take several weeks before any noticeable change, but I’m anxious to see the results. Skin Coat is by far a favorite of Keira’s. She receives one chewy three times a day and delights when she spots the bag. I love the fact that she receives a treat she pleasures plus it contains omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy skin and coat.

A bonus for Keira, or any senior dog, is that the Omega -3 helps support cognitive health in aging pets and healthy joint function. I’m constantly looking to help Keira in this area of development and am thrilled I can give her this product with peace of mind. Many of us take supplements to improve our health, increase our memory, improve cardiovascular health--- why not our dogs? Your pet’s Omega 3’s need to balance with the amount of fatty acids found in their food. Fats are expensive and, unfortunately, some commercial food doesn’t contain enough. Skin Coat supplements help to balance the Omega 3 need in a delicate, tasty treat. Vet IQ offers many products that are veterinarian approved. For more information and to view the full product list visit VetIQ




We’ve teamed up with VetIQ® to offer one lucky winner (based in the U.S.) the opportunity to win either Skin Coat + Minties in the size of your dog’s needs, or 2 bags of Skin Coat, or 2 bags of Minties. You get to decide!!

Enter here and good luck!

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  • I don’t have a dog but if I did I could see why this would be really nice. Mostly I really don’t like stinky dog breath so I could see why I would want this! You sound like a great dog owner!

    alison on
  • Such a cute puppy. I don’t have any now but I’ll keep this in mind when that changes. I grew up with a dog that looked like a sandy blond version of Keira, we named him Buck (like off Married with Children) lol 90s

    Dia All The Things I Do on
  • I do not have any pets but VetIQ sounds like a great brand. I wish there was something similar back in the day when we had our dog tiger. Cool giveaway and shame its only for the U.S

    Miranda (Anosa) on
  • I’m glad you take such great care of your dog; especially as they age they need consistent care. We have a cat and love him a lot… All the best on the great giveaway! :)

    Elizabeth O on
  • I’ve seen these but never really knew much about them. Thanks for enlightening me, I must let my pug try them.

    tp keane on

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