My Dog Was Fat and It Was All My Fault!

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Dog obesity is the fastest growing health concern for dogs today. I know first hand about having an overweight dog. Luckily, this is now in the past, once I realized I was the one making her fat. Yes, you heard me right. My Dog Was Fat and It was all my fault!

Dog Obesity

My Dog Was Fat and It's All My Fault

According to the CDC just about 1/3 of adults in our country are obese and it just keeps getting worse. Veterinarians are noticing an uptick in dog obesity at about the same rate. No matter what, dog obesity is a major health concern associated with various problems such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart disease, hypertension and cancer. Not only do these conditions increase the cost of care, they are detrimental to the quality of life and longevity for our furry friends.

My Dog was Fat and it was all my fault

Two years ago my vet told me point blank that Keira was “overweight” and needed intervention “Now!”. He suggested trying Dirlotapide also known as Slentrol to help curb Keira’s appetite and slow fat absorption. This intervention did work; Keira lost approximately 10 pounds, and looked svelte. Truth be told, I hated the fact that she was on medicine for weight loss. I was a bit uneasy about side effects and long-term ramifications of the drug. I certainly did not want her to be on this MED for the rest of her life! Honestly, I didn’t change one thing about Keria’s lifestyle. I was allowing the drug to do all the work and not making the necessary lifestyle changes like eating less and moving more. Shame on me! Once I weaned Keira off the MEDs she started to gain weight again, in fact, she shot right back up to her original obese weight. Well, guess what this senior did to help her senior? I put both of us on a diet and lifestyle changes. Keira started eating a low calorie diet in the correct proportions. Seriously? I had been over feeding her for 9 years! My Dog was Fat and it was all my fault We made 3 simple changes in our lifestyle that made a tremendous difference in our lives.
  1. Consistency & Routine We really stick to a schedule for both feeding and exercise. We eat at the same time and exercise daily.
  2. Timely Feeding: And carefully measure the food. Now I read the feeding guidelines on the bag and feed the suggested amount. I had been feeding Keira what she weighed, not what she should weigh. No wonder she was gaining weight!
  3. Make playtime fun and engage Fido in games that require her to move.
Obesity is extremely treatable and medication shouldn’t be the first resort. The benefits are huge when you factor in quality of life and your pet's lifespan. Your pet’s obesity matters. Take a step back and honestly look at your dog’s lifestyle. How much is he eating and how much walking are you doing? These are YOUR decisions to make for your loved one. Make the adjustments needed so your dog can live his life to the fullest. What about me? I’m still plugging away at those last few pounds. I have a lot more self control when I'm controlling someone else!

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  • From the title alone, I can raise my hand and hang my head in shame right along side you. We’ve made lots of diet changes around here.

    Nichole on
  • Thanks- Yep. I take full responsibility—- I’m the one who feeds her, gives her treats and didn’t take her for walks!!! I certainly can’t blame my dog!!

    Maureen Lake on
  • One for all and all for one! It makes it so much easier when everyone does it together!

    Maureen Lake on
  • We’re working on keeping our cats at a good weight too. As my husband puts it, “the whole family is going to be healthy now!”

    Becky @ Disney in your Day on
  • These are great tips! Oscar is getting a little round around the middle and I’m going to have to add a little more play time to his routine.

    Amy on

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