New Pet? New Puppy Checklist!

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New Pet? New Puppy Checklist!

New Puppy Checklist New Puppy Checklist New Puppy Checklist Getting a new puppy doesn't have to be difficult, it really can be a fun exciting time for your family. Be prepared, gain knowledge, and enjoy this time! Continue to check back for our continual updates about the joys of training your new puppy. Please leave a comment below- I'm sure I forgot an important thing or two for new puppy owners that I can add to this checklist. Tell me your suggestions in the comments. Photo from: Kimberlenes Labradoodles

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  • Great check list! Very important for new pet owners to have the basics!!! ;)

    Spencer the Goldendoodle on
  • Great checklist. It’s important to have everything ready when a new puppy or kitten arrives in your home.

    Pawesome Cats on
  • I find a long lead useful for teaching recall and personally, I do a lot of clicker training with new dogs.

    Tenacious Little Terrier on
  • Great checklist. Very useful. Thanks!

    Carleen on
  • This is a great checklist. I hope people check it out BEFORE getting a puppy so they know the financial and time investment required!

    Kristen–well minded on

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