Rosa's 2 yr "Gotcha Day" in Photos

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Rosa's 2 Yr "Gotcha Day"

Time sure fly's when you're having fun! Rosa's Gotcha Day.

Rosa has certainly brought love, joy and FUN into our lives in 2 short years! Happy Gotcha Day Rosa!!

Rosa's 2 Yr Gotcha Day

Rosa doesn't come without a few hiccups, though... for example, when she's stressed she pants and I mean pants ALOT! Notice the pictures and the tongue?

Rosa's 2 Yr "Gotcha Day"

Her eyelashes speak volumes... Her eyes are warm your heart...

Rosa's 2 Yr "Gotcha Day"

Rosa has a best friend, Aidan. He's a rescue too. Luckily, they have an opportunity to play almost every day. They play until one drops from fatigue and they usually drop side by side.

Rosa's 2 Yr "Gotcha Day"

A little early for Easter pics but I could resist sharing this picture of my Rosa!

Happy Gotcha Day RosaBud!

You continue to bloom right before our eyes!

All of these amazing photos were taken by Deanna at Stink Dog Photos

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  • Absolutely beautiful. Nothing terrible about this 2

    Sadie on
  • You’re right. She’s brought us so much love and happiness, it’s not even funny.

    Maureen Lake on
  • We did our best, but she pretty spoiled everyday!

    Maureen Lake on
  • I know. I’m so jealous of her lashes!

    Maureen Lake on
  • Thanks! Yes, Stink Dog is a wonderful photographer in the Denver area!

    Maureen Lake on

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