Start With A Lab and Add a Poodle: Labradoodle

Posted by Maureen Lake at

Labradoodle: Can they get any cuter?

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  • I wonder if you have seen this article:

    I just stumbled upon it and it’s super interesting. I have been working with labradoodles for a very long time and although some of the comments are accurate, I can’t help but love them. Let me know what you think!

    Heatherlynn on
  • Yes, I have read this article but thanks for taking the time to share it with me! I agree with you, you can’t help but love this breed. I have two doodles and they are like night and day, but honestly perfect for my family and our lifestyle. We’ve always had huskies in the past, and doodles are so much easier.

    Maureen Lake on

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