Three Amazing Ways to Train Your Dog When You're About to Give Up!

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Are you looking for solutions to train your dog? Are you frustrated that the usual rulebook guides on how you can train your dog are not working out? We can totally relate to your struggle and therefore we have come up with these amazing and unusual ideas on how you can train your dog effectively. Let's have a look.

You need to be the leader

Dogs tend to depend on the leader of their group or pack for survival and protection and they are very hierarchical about authority and dominance. You can say it is an inherent nature in dogs as a result of which, they will also implement this behavior on you.

They will try to through challenges at you, bark unnecessarily and act out just to gain leadership over you. This is where you play your role. You cannot give the dog the privilege of continuing the act whatsoever, as that will mean, you have given up.

Instead, you need to establish control. Whenever the dog is acting out, give it negative feedback. Don't provide reassurance or empathy for their anxious attitude.

Your feedback will showcase a leadership quality to the dog and that will cause them to be under control. Once you have successfully achieved leadership, your dog won't challenge you any further.

Practice recall constantly

This is one of those training activities that the owners often tend to quit practicing once the dog has learned to remember the act. But dogs are very "living in the moment" kind of animal.

Over time, they will get used to the recall mechanism and their habit of reacting on it will tend to fade away with time.

So, never give up training recall to your dog. When you train recall, add a command to it so that the dog remembers to follow. If your dog doesn't react on your recall, give it a time out and put in on a leash for a while.

That will show them that there will be a negative consequence if they don't follow your command.

Always give instant feedback

If your dog does something wrong don't taunt the poor fellow about it after an hour, trust me, the animal won't even remember what you are howling at it about.

Always remember to give instant feedback for their actions. If it listens to your commands give an instant positive reward or feedback, if it does something wrong, give instant negative feedback.

That way the dog will know what to do and what not to. It is a very effective training method and works every time like magic.


Getting a new dog is a great feeling that every dog owner experiences. A dog can be your buddy and be around with you even in the loneliest of times. What important is that you train the dog well enough so that it can establish a sense of trust.

Dogs are very misunderstood creatures and people often tend to blame it on them if they are unable to tame the animal in spite of figuring out what might be causing the unpleasant behavior.

The above tactics will help you to learn the things that you need to acknowledge the dog in order to be able to bring it under control.

These tips will surely help you to establish the bond you want to achieve with your dog.

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