Who Else Wants Pumpkin and Beef Heart?

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Pumpkin and Beef Heart with Dog Nose

It's pumpkin season! Yeah! That's pretty obvious given the smell of pumpkin lattes the minute you walk into your neighborhood coffee shop.

Fall is around the corner; the sun is setting earlier, and there is a coolness in the air. What better way to celebrate the onset of Fall then baking some Pumpkin and Beef Heart Treats!

Healthy Diet is Important

Did you know that what your dog eats totally affect their temperament and health? We now know that a dog's diet is the number one cause of health problems. Feeding your dog nutritious food and treats is of utmost importance.


Look at these facts.


  • Deficiency in fatty acids can cause depression?
  • Is your pet aggressive? Your dogs could benefit from less protein in their diet. Try increasing the fat and carb content.
  • Both carbs and fat have a calming influence on our dog’s mood.

I haven’t met a dog who didn’t love pumpkin and this recipe, with the added beef heart is yummy. Beef heart is packed with co-enzyme Q10, collagen and high levels of elastin. Beef heart also includes ingredients our seniors need to fight dementia.


Delectible Recipe

Pumpkin and Beef Heart Recipe

Feel free to substitute liver instead of beef heart, it will still be super healthy. Or make the treat meat free! I'd love to hear how your dog liked the treat! Comment below and share with us! 

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