Why I Love Waterless Shampoo and Your Pet Will Too!

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Why Waterless Shampoo?

It's so nice to be on vacation at the beach. It's so much fun to go for long walks together with my dogs. Coronado California has an amazing dog beach and the amount of activity is second to none. 


Brooklyn is a bit hesitant, dipping her paws into the ocean like it's a pot of hot water. Rosa races around chasing other dogs playing tag, and rarely gets wet.

The end result is the same - my dogs are dirty!


If I had to bath them every time they came back from the beach, I'd need a second job. That's not in the cards for me any time soon! But, I've found a product that is second to none. In fact, it just might slow down the workload for all the busy groomers out there who so desperately need a vaca!


waterless shampoo

My Favorite Waterless Shampoo

Pura Naturals Waterless Shampoo is a dream come true. This magical bottle is a complete stress and mess-free way to keep your dog or cat clean and smelling delightful between baths.

This NO-RINSE shampoo is blended with chamomile and lavender. What better way to soothe and add extra moisture to your pet's skin? And I personally love the fact that Pura Naturals are made in the USA. 


You can see by the picture Brooklyn is no fan of baths. This little pup barely gets her toes wet at the beach and if she see's a sprinkler down the street she does a 180 quicker than a spinning top.

The fact that I can add this shampoo onto my palm and work through her coat is soothing, bonding and best of all she loves it. All I did was brush her fur and presto - clean as a whistle! 

Brookie might look like a puppy but she'll be one next month. Pura Naturals states on their product that the pet should be 6 weeks or older.


waterless shampoo


Did I mention the amazing ingredients in this shampoo? It reads like a recipe good enough to eat! Organic everything! Organic Aloe Water, Organic Castile Soap, Organic Calendula Oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Organic Oatmeal Extract, Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Chamomile Extract - Whew! And that's only the dog ingredients. To see the cat ingredients please check it out HERE.


Most people wait until the winter months to use a waterless shampoo on their pets but I say, "Why wait?" Enjoy this amazing bonding experience with your pet and you'll gain a wonderful smelling, happy, dog! And you will enjoy a clean house!

Stay tuned for another great product discussion, this time it's all about fleas! 




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  • This sounds like an amazing solution especially for Layla who hates bathing or any water but to drink LOL so am going to look more into this product, thanks for this post

    Ruth Epstein on
  • I think it sounds like a great solution for my dog Jack, and I do love the sound of those ingredients. He goes to the groomer regularly, but of course he’s always in need of a bath in between visits but he absolutely hates the water. I won’t even tell you the hilarious ritual my husband has to undertake each time. I think Jack would be thrilled if he could take a bath without getting wet!!

    Hindy Pearson on
  • I need this! Waterless shampoo sounds like the perfect solution for my Karma-Kat, and also the Bravo-Pup. Both have short fur so it’s not nearly the hassle but I’ve not tried the new dog yet. Magical-Dawg (GSD) used to love water, he just hated the rinsing.

    Amy Shojai, CABC on

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