Why It’s Best to Adopt An Older Dog

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Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Best to Adopt An Older Dog

Top Best Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog Keira, my senior love bug![/caption] I must admit that I have never adopted an older dog. I’ve always been a puppy kinda girl, needing a baby to nurture and watch grow. But now that I have my senior dog I’ve grown to understand the amazing qualities an older, more seasoned dog brings to light. It makes me sad to think that many older dogs don’t get adopted, and I wondered why that is… Older dogs have so many fantastic characteristics. Plus, if she doesn’t mind how old I am, why should I mind how old she is?

Adopt An Older Dog

Adopt an older dogOlder dogs are instant companions and ready to plunge into all the activities you enjoy. They are instantly available for car trips, hiking, and they walk the walk.


Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Best to Adopt An Older Dog

     Enjoy time with themselves. They don’t make the same time demands on you that puppies will, and older dogs typically don’t seek constant attention. Score! You both have some much-needed space.    Allow you to get a good night's sleep. Why? Because they typically sleep through the night, don’t need bathroom breaks or nightly comforting. Perfect reason to adopt an older dog!  

Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Best to Adopt An Older Dog

  Are great at giving LOVE. They are so thankful for their second chance at happiness.   Settle in very easily because they already know what it takes to get along with others, and they know what it means to be part of a pack.   Know what “No” means… Let's face it, if they didn’t know what it means, they wouldn’t be an older dog!   Are not teething puppies, thank goodness! You don’t have to worry about your shoes getting chewed up or finding your furniture or carpets shredded. Teething is over and done with, although an older dog will enjoy a bone now and again.  

  Adopt An Older Dog

  Can focus well because they are more relaxed and mellow. Neurologically their brains have completed their wiring.    What you see is what you get. Unlike puppies, older dogs have grown into their personality. Puppies are ever changing until they are not. And finally…   Are potty trained! Going through housetraining and cleaning up messes is a thing of the past. Your older dog is accomplished! Let's go out and adopt an older dog!  

Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Best to Adopt An Older Dog

Please leave a comment, especially if you can add to this list. Older dogs are amazing friends and just knowing they are the last to get adopted gut-wrenching. Let's get the word out about senior pets!

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  • Spending the weekend with an adorable puppy. But makes me appreciate many things about a senior dog, especially one with good manners. So sad if they don’t get adopted.

    Talent Hounds on
  • I think sleeping through the night might be my favorite. This is why I can’t have a puppy!

    Tenacious Little Terrier on
  • My dog was not a puppy when we adopted and he is the best dog! He was already trained so we didn’t have to go through puppy damage and he is just so sweet. Thank you for sharing this

    Rascal and Rocco on
  • All wonderful reasons of course!! And BTW – I absolutely love your site! The colors, everything!

    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady on
  • I love older dogs. With our “post-Jasmine” financial situation and the way we are (go all out) we have to make sure we only adopt dogs with “clean slate” = with no pre-existing health issues so insurance covers everything that might happen.

    Jana Rade on

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