Your Dog Needs Healthy Fats To Make a Healthy Coat

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Today’s complete and balanced dog foods are designed to provide all the essential nutrients your dog needs without additional supplements, according to Lisa Weeth, DVM, MRCVS. And that includes the healthy fats needed to make a healthy coat for your dog

Ghergich & Co. teamed up with Petco to produce an awesome infographic on this topic. Be sure and read the entire article, written by Dr. Weeth, that discusses the importance of finding the "just right"  balance of essential fatty acids for the optimal health of your dog. Not only is the article informative but check out this incredible graphic!
Wow! Bursting with knowledge about healthy fats!
Rise & Shine: Healthy Fats for a Healthy, Shiny Dog Coat

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  • Fantastic post!

    Kerri on
  • Great post! Those infographics are really awesome! My girls both have healthy coats, they don’t shed very much and no dandruff. We do a few supplements but not every day.

    Lauren Miller (ZoePhee) on
  • Very nice infographic!

    Jana Rade on
  • Ah infographics! I love em! And this is a great one!

    Amy Tokic on
  • It really does make a HUGE difference.
    Thank you. I will definitely share this information.

    Sadie on

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