Why We Love PawNosh Glass Bowls

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Why We Love PawNosh Glass Bowls

We rarely review pet feeders or bowls here on Trendy Pet.

Why? It’s because so many of the pet feeders available out there these days just aren’t that great – for your dog or the planet. Some are made with chemical-laden material and even lead. As a pet owner, you must be vigilant and question the safety of all products.

If you’re like us, you love your pet beyond measure. Your pet's health and happiness mean everything to you.

So, today is pretty special here on Trendy Pet!

Why We Love PawNosh Glass Bowls

We've looked for a long time for a product to offer on our website that meets and, in this case, exceeds our high pet standards.

We fell in love with the glass at first sight! Not only is it beautiful, but glass is a trusted material for overall health and the environment. It's made of natural minerals and is non-leaching, chemically inert, and non-toxic.

We are proud to say we found a product that has your pet's welfare, happiness and our environment in mind.

Each heavy, sturdy bowl reclaims and recycles a minimum of (4) 8oz glass containers as well as industrial glass that would otherwise meet an untimely demise in a landfill.

And just like Trendy Pet, PawNosh embraces and promotes a domestic craft creating American jobs.

Why We Love PawNosh Glass Bowls

A skilled glassmaker in Northern California makes every bowl. The video below demonstrates this amazing process. It is very time intensive and requires years of training and refinement.

We're so happy to offer this brand to our customers.

We provide both the Cubby Deluxe and Zorro bowl for your pets dining pleasure.


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