My Puppy Almost DIED Due to Food Allergies

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Rosa at 7 months old.

I’ve written about Rosa in the past, our “Designer Dog” that was recused from a puppy mill breeder. She has been sick most of her entire short life. We just celebrated her 8 month
B-day today and what a celebration! We thank everyone who played an important role in figuring out what was wrong with her! It wasn’t easy and it took many tenacious individuals collaborating in order to save her life.

Itching is a sign of allergies

Food allergies take on many different attributes such as: itching, chronic ear infections, diarrhea, gas, licking their feet, or having an itchy rear end. Rosa did demonstrate diarrhea occasionally, but mostly she was vomiting multiple times a week, losing weight, and quickly fatigued. We changed her food 3 times without any change in her health status. Needless to say we had no idea why she was vomiting so much and our Vet had no answers.

I changed veterinarians because I was so frustrated with the lack of answers and a sick girl who wasn’t gaining weight or growing. We immediately did a barium test, which suggested a possible blockage of some type although it was inconclusive. The specialist suggested doing some biopsies of her tummy. When the scope showed there was no blockage but signs of "something" we new we had to act. These biopsies required major abdominal surgery because of the core specimens needed after realizing that her tummy was inflamed, full of numerous ulcers and bloody in areas.

Once the report came back from Colorado State University we finally understood her problem. The "Eosinophil Levels" were extremely high and the cause being attributed to food allergies. We still do not know what food she is exactly allergic to but we will determine that in the future when she is healthy enough to introduce new foods into her diet. In the mean time she is on a special diet and thriving! In one month Rosa has actually gained 3 lbs.!

Rosa today almost 30 lbs! You can see her partial poodle cut on her leg from the IV!

The detective work needed to figure this out was amazing. The collaboration between settings was incredibly impressive. The specialist and veterinarian saved her life. The ability to eat and continue to grow is due to Hill’sPet, an amazing company who makes a special diet for animals with severe allergies that has NO intact animal protein to help avoid adverse reactions to food! The protein they use is “Hydrolyzed”. Hydrolyzed protein is a protein that has been hydrolyzed or broken down into its component amino acids. This food is only made on Monday’s when the facility is completely clean and free of any cross contamination with other food made by Hill’s. Very impressive. We have no idea how long she will be on the Z/d diet but who cares- right? Without it she would not be growing and thriving! We have the upmost respect for all involved in saving our Rose Bud’s life. We will forever be in your debt!

Rose Bud, 8 months old!


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