How One Test Gave My Puppy A New Leash On Life

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 How One Test Gave My Puppy A New Leash On Life


I’ve written about Rosa in the past, our “Designer Dog” that was rescued from a puppy mill breeder. She has been sick most of her entire life.

A quick recap:


         When Rosa was 8 months old and continued to lose weight and vomit daily the specialist suggested doing some biopsies of her tummy. When the scope showed there was no blockage but signs of "something" we knew we had to act. These biopsies required major abdominal surgery because of the core specimens needed after realizing that her tummy was inflamed, full of numerous ulcers and bloody in many areas. Once the report came back from Colorado State University we finally understood her problem. The "Eosinophil Levels" were extremely high with the cause being attributed to food allergies. What allergies did Rosa have? We had no idea until recently…


Fast Forward:


Rosa is now 1-½ years old, and still eats a hydrolyzed protein special diet made by Royal Canine. The exciting news is we are actually starting to introduce some other foods into her diet and she is tolerating them extremely well.

How do I know what food to try with Rosa? Good Question!

I decided to invest in an allergy test called ImmunelQ. All that was needed was a sample of Rosa’s fur that you obtain by brushing her coat and a swab of saliva from her mouth. It was so easy and done in seconds. The results came back quickly via email and I couldn’t be happier.

Surprise! Surprise! Rosa is highly allergic to many things such as food, trees and plants. What I wasn’t expecting was the fact that she is allergic to many nutritional supplements, bacteria and viruses!



The bottom line is that Rosa can now have occasional treats with ingredients that I know won't upset her tummy or cause her to severely itch. Who thought she could have beef and turkey (the two proteins I was advised to hold back) but absolutely no fish or dairy? Among numerous surprising outcomes is the fact that she is allergic to pet dander and fragrances. Does this mean she is allergic to Keira? Or even to herself?

I am so incredibly happy to know that there is a small variety of food I can add to her diet and not worry about a reaction. So far everything that they said she could eat, she is holding down very well. I honestly wouldn’t have tried some of the items if it weren’t for these test results.

Rosa is happier because she isn’t itching and throwing up and I’m happier knowing she has a bit of variety and actually gets a few treats just for being Rosa!



I was not compensated for this blog post. I’m just so happy with the report that I wanted to update everyone why Rosa is happy and thriving!




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