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Dear Friends,

I’ve started and stopped this letter so many times over the past two weeks. Stopping, because it's hard to type through tears, starting because I owe it to her.

It’s so raw and painful to write about the loss of my Keira girl.

Keira was is the reason we started Trendy Pet and Sweet Pea Kitchens. In fact, we named our bakery after Keira because her nickname was, “Oh Sweet Pea.”

Keira was our official taste tester - which was kind of pointless because she loved every single concoction we came up with.

She loved her treats.


It’s hard to fathom that she’s gone… we had less than a week from her diagnosis to death.

Liver cancer is quick.

Aidan had recently finished up his radiation treatments - this was a blindside like no other.

No one saw this coming.

Keira loved the snow and the ocean.



Trendy Pet will continue with Keira’s spirit living actively in everything we do for you, our customers.


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