Customer Reviews

Tazz doesn't eat unless he is hungry so we like to leave kibble down. The triple feeder makes it easy to have water and kibble down and still have a bowl for his homemade food. I love these bowls!!! Thanks so much! ~Lauren from Ancaster, Ontario


We got a 6 inch (3 bowl feeder) for our two Frenchies, Penelope and Tank. I didn't think Penelope would be able to reach her bowl quite yet so I had been setting it on the ground for her. Low and behold, I caught her red-handed stealing her brothers food out of his bowl. Such a little trouble maker! Just wanted to let you know we love this feeder and it goes so well with our loft decor! ~Heidi from San Fransico


Our Whippet (Marlon) and Italian Greyhound (Andy) believe that their diet has been elevated to a new level! ~Michael from Dearborn, MI


Attached are photos of my *children* using their Trendy Pet feeders, which they love and I love. As you can probably tell from the photos the *chow hall* is in my sunroom which has a contemporary/retro flair so your feeders work perfectly. Pictured is Miss Zee (Giant Schnauzer), Miss Fessie (Giant Schnauzer), and Wilbur, who is part Sharpe and who knows what else. He was named by his rescuers after Wil-burrrr on Mr. Ed. ~Mary from Memphis, TN


Darwin (red/black collar) and Spike (blue collar) enjoying their new triple bowl dog feeder from Trendy Pet ~Jonathan from Kennett Square, PA


Our 3 happy cats in East Windsor, CT enjoying their evening meal in their new 3 dish cat bowl ensemble. ~Ken from East Windsor, CT


I just wanted to say a big thank you for my custom-sized double dish for Hop Sing, my senior/blind dog. It is PERFECT.... this morning was his first time using it and he didn't have to strain to bend over and found his dish so much more easily than he ever has with the lower height one I had before. I really appreciate your working with me. ~Mary from Hopewell Junction, NY


Buster and Jake (Miniature Dachshunds) love their 4 inch tall, 3 bowl feeder. It makes mealtime easier for them, even though its not very high off the ground. Can't do much about those short legs! ~Mike & Shannon from Osceola, IA


We received the feeder today. It's everything we hoped it would be! Thank you so so much :-) ~Arnette from Addison, TX


Scooby and Moose are eating out of their new food bowls from! ~Scott from Grand Rapids, MI

~Renee from Highlands, NC


I wanted to send you some photos of what I call Purity Louise's Cafe. :oP It is perfect for her and I am delighted that she no longer has to eat and drink upside down. Thank you so much for being open to creating and building this project - I couldn't be happier! ~Linda from Portland, OR

Arthur loves his raised bowl and so do I. It's stylish, easy to clean and better still, they ship to the UK without any problems. Thank you from Arthur and me. ~Chrissy from London, England

Just wanted to let you know i picked up the two feeders at the post office yesterday and they are awesome! I am pretty sure i have the nicest dog dishes ever.. way nicer than anything i have for myself... Glad i spent the extra money. They look great and are the right size for both dogs. ~Ginette from Winnipeg, Manitoba


My dogs love their Trendy Pet tables..My foster pup feels left out ~Barbara from Hopewell Junction, NY


Thanks so much for your product and willingness to help! ~Jared from Cleveland, OH


Here is Jack having his first dinner using his new bowl stand. He loves it! I adopted him on 7th January 2012, he is 6 years old, will be 7 in July. He raced at Oxford stadium, retired in 2009 and was re-homed to a lady who sadly passed away in early December 2011. He was then taken in by the Retired Greyhound Trust and they re-homed him to me. So he's had quite an upheaval in his life over the last few months. However, he is settling in here very well indeed and he is going to be a wonderful, quiet and sweet natured companion, and I love him lots already. ~Susan from United Kingdom

My trendy pet feeder arrived yesterday and my 3.5 year old English Cocker Spaniel Willow loves it! Fabulous quality and very stylish. ~Mara from Victoria, Australia



Again, thank you so much for allowing to customize the height for my two little guys. As you can see, it's PERFECT and my boys love it! Mister (Jack Russell) and Street (Mini Pinch) love it!! It's hard to get a feeder for two that is not too tall for one or too short for the other. ~Ron from New York, NY

Thank you so much for Bailey’s (Boston Terrier) 6 Inch Dual Black Feeder! I am so thankful that I was able to find this awesome high quality bowl set for her. It allows her to eat and drink from a more natural angle which means she doesn't have to lean all the way down to the floor as she gets older. She loves it, and began eating out if it right away. This item was worth every penny! ~Nicole from

Chelsea is used to having the very best. She loves her new elevated feeder. Finally, she can sit down for dinner like the rest of us. No more crouching down and craning of the neck. She is 17 years old and beginning to get some arthritis, so I thought the feeder would be helpful. And it is. But it really is a nice gift for a cat of any age. Chelsea is happy that the human servants finally got something right. She just wonders why it took us so long. She is quite the diva and is very used to being told how beautiful she is. I contacted her agent who said it would be ok to send these pictures to you. She is loved dearly. Thank you Sally Vetter ~Sally from

This is my dog Cooper, she is a 4 year old Springer Spaniel and can be a sloppy drinker. She said she really likes it. ~Kathy from Jacksonville, FL

I received my bowls yesterday and they're great! Most importantly our dog, Edmund likes his new bowls. He’s recovering from 2 herniated discs so we need to limit his movement around his neck and these bowls are practical and stylish. ~Karen from Atlanta, GA

I have tried almost every bowl and they are always too short, this did the trick. ~Stephanie from Pound Ridge, NY

I have tried almost every bowl and they are always too short, this did the trick. ~Stephanie from Pound Ridge, NY

Yuma is a Pit Bull from New York City. Mom had a hard time snapping this picture because she eats so fast.  ~Yen from New York, NY