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My name is Maureen Lake and my daughter Devin and I are the proud owners of Trendypet.com. We wanted elevated feeders to meet the needs of our pets. The only problem was our dogs were different sizes. That's why we love our feeders because there is a size of every pet, including cats.

Does your cat suffer from Whisker Stress? We sure hope not, but just in case we offer our whisker stress free dish that protects your kitties whiskers from the harmful effect of added stress due to bowl constraints.

As a veterinarian technician Devin understands the positive aspects of a raised feeder for animals. They work well for various reasons including an aging or injured pet. The research demonstrates the importance of having the correct height bowl for your pet.

We hope you enjoy the modern creative design that is Trendy Pet!


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Trendy Pet's whisker stress free cat bowl feeder was featured in a Purina ONE commercial in 2013.



Trendy Pet's modern raised bowls have been featured in the following media:


Purina One Commercial 2013


Extreme Makeover Home Edition (Twice)



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Modern Cat Magazine Spring/Summer 2014


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